Ben-Gal, mom willing to pay $50,000 to have contact with alleged victim

COVINGTON, Ky. - In an email 9 News obtained Friday, Sarah and Cheryl Jones' attorney, Charles Lester, is asking a judge to raise his clients' bond.

Lester says the Ben-Gal cheerleader and her mother are willing to pay an additional $50,000 to be in contact with the victim's family.

"Although they appreciate the reduction of the bail to $15,000 each, they find that they would prefer the original bond with the original conditions," wrote Lester.

On Monday, Judge Patricia Summe reduced Sarah and Cheryl's bond by $50,000. The Joneses were ordered to disable text messaging on their phones, and not to contact the victim or his family.

Sarah, a former Dixie Heights High School English teacher, is charged with sexually abusing a student, and using electronic means to solicit illegal activity.

Her mother, Cheryl, is charged with tampering with evidence in the case. Cheryl is the principal of Twenhofel Middle School. She has been placed on administrative leave.

Lester is asking for the original bond conditions.

"The (victim's parents) and the Jones (Tim and Cheryl) are close friends, and to impose a restriction on contact with the families is a hardship not just on the defendants, but on the (victim's parents) themselves," wrote Lester.

Defense attorney Mark Krumbein has been following the Joneses' sex abuse case. He says it may seem like an unusual move, but it could actually prove the mother and daughter's innocence.

"It may be proof that the allegations are false. If they want to have contact that much, it may indicate that in fact that the plea of not guilty is a showing that they are really innocent of any wrong doing."

Krumbein says the state may have difficulty prosecuting the case without the alleged victims full cooperation.

"It's probably going to be one person's word against the others, and if that one person's family is supportive of the defendant, or the perpetrator, I don't think there's going to be much of a case. So I would say that it really weakens the state's case," said Krumbein.

Sarah and Cheryl are out of jail on bond.

9 News reached out to them in several different ways Friday, but we haven't heard back from them yet.

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