VIDEO: ‘Circus shot' lifts Blanchester's eighth-grade boys basketball team over Goshen

BLANCHESTER, Ohio - The phrase ‘circus shot' doesn't give Harbor Lovin's game-winning shot justice.

The 14-year-old boy from Blanchester helped his team defeat Goshen on Saturday, draining a shot while lying on his back.

"It was either a little bit of a pass, a little bit of a drop and rolling around and a couple of seconds left, I picked it up, looked up and threw it, and it went in," said Lovin.

Needless to say, the shot has made Lovin a superstar at school. Until this season he had never been a starter, but Lovin said the shot wouldn't have meant much if it wasn't for the rest of his team.

"That shot, I mean, it's a great shot.. it's crazy. But, I mean, there's one free throw, one lay-up that's not made in the game and you still lose. The shot means nothing," he said.

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