Has Adam Jones Pac'd his bag?

Jones flaunts dress code

Even the flight attendants on the Bengals' charter flight took note of the fashion statement made by the team as they landed in Houston Friday for their playoff date with the Texans.

Over the public address system, the Delta representative offered best wishes and compliments on how nice everyone looked, decked out as they were in coats and ties. A directive we understand that Marvin Lewis issued for everyone in the team's traveling party.

Everyone was still well turned out on the gloomy flight home with one notable exception: Adam Jones. His fit of pique on the sideline when he jawed with defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, apparently carried over in the aftermath. As if to demonstrate his disregard for coaches, dress codes and such, he stripped down to a sleeveless underwear shirt and strode repeatedly up the aisle of the Bengals flight. Whether he ventured far enough forward in the cabin for Coach Lewis of any team brass to see his flaunting of team convention, I can't say.

All I can offer is that it got the notice of all who did see him as he acted out his defiance of the dress request. As for how this bodes for his future? Well Adam, who has made more headlines for his behavior off the field than for his performance on it may well have staked his claim for a change of scenery if not clothing.

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