Bengals gear heads for Georgetown

Equipment will be ready whenever Bengals arrive

CINCINNATI - Their hearts and minds may be still on the unfinished business of a new 10-year collective bargaining agreement. But the Cincinnati Bengals coaches and players can rest assured that the tools of their trade, from video equipment to miles of adhesive tape to helmets and shoulder pads, is safely ensconced at Georgetown College, in anticipation of their arrival.

A team source says the transport with all the attendant tools and gear necessary for training camp, pulled out Friday morning. The earliest they can be set up and ready to go I was told is Thursday, July 28. By which time the new CBA will presumably be finalized by 'both' sides.

Should it linger beyond that though, there is always the possibility that the team would return its pre-season preparations to Paul Brown stadium but that is seen as a very remote possibility.

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