Food options for fans at NCAA tourney

WASHINGTON, D.C. - If you are heading to the nation's Capitol to watch theUniversity of Cincinnati mens basketball team play in the NCAAtournament, there are hundreds of dining options within walkingdistance of the Verizon Center.

The basketball games will be played in the heart of WashingtonD.C.'s Chinatown. Starbucks and Subway are just around the blockfrom the arena. Walk in any direction from those and you can grabThai, Chinese, freshly made noodles, just about any type of burger,and of course an American favorite, pizza.


If you would like try out Chinatown's famous vintage pizzabistro, visit Matchbox. Therestaurant started eight years ago and could only host a mere 35guests. Now they can seat more than 200 visitors.

The name was derived from the owners prized collection ofmatchboxes. Every table in the eatery has at least one set sealedin the center.

"The only way you can get to them is if you have a chisel orsomething like that," said server Alberto Duran.

star wars mathbox coca cola matchbox miscellanious matchbox

The collection consists of Star Wars, Coca Cola, Major LeagueBaseball and many more.

Pizzas are baked in authentic brick ovens that reach 500 to 750degrees.

"It's kind of hilarious," said manager Garth Hamilton. "Peoplearen't used to eating a pizza like this. Often don't know what tothink when their fingers get dirty."

One of the regular customers explained why he returns time andtime again.

"There is no ambiguity to it," said Al Molinar. "You could eathere every day, have something completely different, and every mealthat you eat is good."


Of course if you would rather not challenge your sensory, youcan always eat at the national chains like Fudruckers, RubyTuesday's and Legal Seafood among others.

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