New University of Cincinnati basketball uniforms unveiled by Adidas

CINCINNATI - Adidas unveiled the latest in their funky uniform line for college basketball teams, and the look has received mixed reviews.

The Cincinnati Bearcats have been a guinea pig for the camouflage look, with darker colors of camo finding their way into the Bearcats' shorts.

But this latest rendition brightens the pattern quite a bit, and Cincinnati's aren't the worst. A bright highlighter-color was issued for Notre Dame and Baylor, an off-Red was given to Louisville, and UCLA and Kansas both got quite the contrast from their shirts to shorts.

The one neat thing about the new unis is the personalization on the back at the top of the jersey where it meets the neck. "Represent the C" appears on UC's uniforms, giving it a bit of Bearcat flair.

Adidas hasn't said exactly when the uniforms will be worn, but March Madness was mentioned on the official release tweets for the new looks.


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