Tom Browning on Homer Bailey's second no-hitter: 'I'm proud of him'

CINCINNATI - Tom Browning was between double-header games with the Reds rookie affiliate Billings Mustangs when he heard the news about Homer Bailey.

"I said, ' Oh, oh, Homer must have pitched another no-hitter,' " Browning said, when he heard Bailey's name was popping up in social media.

Bailey pitched his first career no-hitter in September 2012, just 10 months ago, and that was the last time any pitcher threw a no-hitter in Major League Baseball.

Before Bailey, the last Reds pitcher to throw a no-hitter was Browning, and that was a perfect game in September 1988 - the only perfect game in Reds history. Browning, a member of the Reds Hall of Fame, is the pitching coach for Billings.

When another staff member confirmed Bailey's no-hitter against the San Francisco Giants Tuesday night, Browning said he immediately felt a deep sense of pride.

"He really had to learn on the job," Browning said. "And now he's turned into a man and is now a mainstay. He's taken it upon himself to grow up."

Browning also drew a comparison to one of Bailey's heroes.

"Knowing Homer, the longer he gets into his career the more and more he reminds me of Nolan Ryan," Browning said. "In pure Homer fashion, and Nolan fashion, the deeper in the game, the harder he was going. I know he finished strong. He's the type of guy to do that."

Looking at numbers from the game, Browning said Bailey truly started pouring it on in his pitches as the game progressed.

"He started blowing that fast ball up there."

As far as how Bailey may have felt after the no-hitter, Browning, who earned the title Mr. Perfect, said he knows the elation that follows.

"Well, I can't tell you what it feels like to do it the second time, but I can tell you what it feels like the first time," Browning joked. "I couldn't go to bed until 7 a.m."

Browning described the no-hitter as a true sense of accomplishment, a way to say he belonged in the majors.

"It was one of 300 starts for my career, but obviously my best one."

As for Bailey's two no-hitters, Browning said: "I'm proud of him most because I know Homer worked his butt off to be the guy I know he wanted to be."

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