Opening Day a 22-year tradition for local Reds fan

CINCINNATI - Finding a Reds fan in Cincinnati isn't that difficult, but finding a Reds fan that hasn't missed an Opening Day in 22 years can be a challenge.

For Chris Collier, Opening Day isn't just another day in the calendar; it's a day he looks forward to every year.

"It would have to be something pretty serious to take me away from being down there. It's a part of my life," Chris said.

Chris has taken his seat for every Opening Day for the past 22 years. And during that time, Chris has collected some "one of a kind" memorabilia.

"This was a bottle used in the 1976 clubhouse to celebrate the World Championship. It's a Vieux-Champaign bottle and it's signed by Johnny Bench, George Foster, Tony Pérez, Jack Billingham and Pete Rose," Chris said.

The Opening Day tradition began when Chris was a child and it's something that he said he wants to pass on to his four children.

"I have a great love for the game, and I hope that I can pass that along to my kids and I hope that one day I can have my name on the scoreboard for having been to 50 Opening Day games," Chris said.

Chris' kids, Peter and Libby Collier, share some of his passion for the Reds.

"Usually when I go to the Reds games, I like sitting next to my dad, because usually he likes to call what is going happen like, home run, he is like, ‘I can feel it, I'm feeling a home run," Peter said.

But even his youngest, Libby, understands how important this team is for her father.

"My dad is a really big Reds fan," Libby said. "He really cares about them a lot he really wants to see them win."

Chris says that he will be at 2013 Opening Day with two of his children.

His youngest Libby will be watching from home this year, but she told us that she's going to use that as a bargaining tool to try and go to more games during the season.

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