Help Joey Votto become the 'Face of Major League Baseball'

CINCINNATI - The face of Major League Baseball could be that of Joey Votto if fans turn out to support the first baseman Wednesday in the MLB Network's promotion. has set up a bracket for fans to vote for the "Face of the MLB" and the Reds' Votto is among the finalists. On Wednesday, Votto goes up against perennial all-star and Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter.

Fans can help No. 19 edge out Jeter by voting through Twitter. To cast your vote through Twitter, use the hashtag " # JoeyVotto" in as many tweets as you like, even if they're unrelated. Careful though, you can only use the hashtag once per tweet.

If Votto wins, he is set to go against the Pirates' center fielder Andrew McCutchen for the finals.

To see the full bracket, go to

And while you're on Twitter, be sure to follow @WCPO.

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