Cincinnati Reds Opening Day by the numbers

Ballpark to sell more than a ton of hot dogs

CINCINNATI - The final score might be the most important number at Great American Ball Park Monday, but plenty of other figures help pay the bills.

Here's a look at the ballpark's expected food, beverage and retail sales today, courtesy of Delaware North Companies, the New York company that handles concessions for the Reds.

Opening Day by the numbers:

2,700 pounds of hot dogs

8,300 gallons of beer

2,100 gallons of soda

1,700 pounds of peanuts

2,800 slices of LaRosa's pizza

1,700 pounds of Queen City sausages

1,200 pounds of soft pretzels

15,000 cubic feet of popcorn

1,100 Kroger Meal Deals

360 pounds of meat on Penn Station East Coast subs

90 gallons of Skyline Chili

1,150 programs, yearbooks and media guides

1,500 Reds and other caps

30 Reds jerseys

900 Opening Day commemorative T-shirts and pins

400 Reds T-shirts

50 Reds foam fingers

300 Reds team baseball cards sets

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