Brennaman talks with 9 News about going bald

CINCINNATI - Longtime Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman's locks will be long gone when he follows through with a promise he made about the Reds' record.

Brennaman recently told bench coach Chris Speier he would shave his head if the Reds made it to a 10-game winning streak. After his trademark "And this one belongs to the Reds," Brennaman pledged Sunday: "I'm going to shave my head absolutely bald." Cincinnati won its 10th straight game by defeating the Rockies 7-2.

Brennaman talked with 9 News on Monday about when his new haircut might take place.

"I just know it will be done sometime this weekend. It could be done on Friday," said Brennaman. "The club is celebrating my 70th birthday at the ball park on Friday night. It was this past Saturday. The fireworks show will be put to music that I picked out and I will be on the field after the game. I may surprise people and have it done sometime on Friday and walk out on the ball field and be as bald as bald can be."

Brennaman has to shoot commercials Monday and then has several planned days off.

"It's not going to feel good," said Brennaman. "Somebody said to me, 'It may not grow back.' I said, 'Certainly it will grow back.' Another person said, It may grow back another color.' I said, 'No it's not. It will grow back the same color it is right now and that's snow white!"

Reds Assistant Director of Media Relations Jamie Ramsey posted a photo on his blog of what Brennaman may look like sans his white hair.

The Reds have swept four of their five series since the All-Star break and they are a season-best 21 games above .500. The Reds open a six-game homestand with Mike Leake facing San Diego on Monday at 7:10 p.m.


The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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