Brennaman goes bald for a cause; raises $50K for Reds Community Fund

CINCINNATI - Hall of Fame Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman helped raise more than $50,000 for the Reds Community Fund thanks to his willingness to have his head shaved Friday.

"I think people really respect the fact that, hey, not everyone would be willing to get their head shaved. He's done it with a smile, he's done it for charity, and I really think he's enjoyed the way this story has played out this week," said Reds Community Fund Executive Director Charley Frank.

Brennaman told Reds bench coach Chris Speier earlier in the season that he would shave his head if the Reds won 10 games in a row.

After Cincinnati won its 10th straight game last week in Colorado, Brennaman said he would shave his head bald.

Frank said the idea to tie the event to charity was almost immediate.

Frank said Brennaman was apprehensive about having the haircut done in front of the crowd, but after some coaxing he agreed as long as $20,000 was raised for charity. On Friday night after the Reds' victory, it was announced that more than $50,000 was donated to the cause.

"It's come from every direction, and that part has been humbling, inspiring, and mind-blowing, really," Frank said.

Brennaman sat at home plate as his hair stylist cut off his well-known grey quaff. The Hall of Fame broadcaster wore a number 70 Reds jersey given to him by the Reds in honor of his 70th birthday.

Two very famous Reds fans were also at Great American Ball Park Friday night to cheer on the winning team. Charlie Sheen brought his dad Martin to Cincinnati for the weekend to celebrate his dad's 72nd birthday which was Friday.

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