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A Tabloid's Claim That Buzz Aldrin Saw Aliens In Space Is Way Off

Recently, a British tabloid published an "exclusive" viral story that claimed NASA astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin, passed lie detector tests when asked about alien encounters. Unsurprisingly, those claims about him actually seeing aliens are likely false.

The article says four NASA astronauts gave researchers vocal statements about potential alien encounters, and then those statements went through "complex computer analyses" to test their authenticity. But there's no published research on the team's methodology or how the analyses detect lies. Those researchers haven't shared that information with the public.

What's more, it's likely the analyzed statements were not recorded for the study but instead were collected from old interviews. Aldrin's press team released a statement after the story went viral, saying, "This is bogus and we don’t know where it came from." Two of the other astronauts who "participated" in the study have been dead for years.

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And Aldrin has made several TV appearances in recent years to deny he'd seen alien life in space. In 2014, Aldrin wrote in a Reddit AMA that he'd technically seen unidentified objects during the Apollo 11 mission but quickly clarified they were likely not aliens.

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