Yoga pants banned at local high school

LOVELAND, Ohio - The attire of some students at Loveland High School prompted administrators to enact a ban.

Dr. John Marschhausen, Superintendent of the Loveland City School District, said the complaints have to do with yoga pants.

The pants are close-fitting and those raising the concerns argued that they are too revealing.

"Yeah, they're definitely tight but to me revealing is showing cleavage or skin," said Kalli Barcroft a Loveland senior.

Loveland's student handbook prohibits "revealing clothing" and does not permit clothing that is "distracting."

Senior Olivia Legg told 9News that it was Wednesday when an announcement came over the intercom that Yoga pants were no longer allowed at school.

Legg estimates that she and fifty other students wore Yoga pants in protest on Thursday.

Those girls were told to change clothes and many did but Legg said seveteen chose not to.

"We ended up in 'in-school' suspension for most of the day and weren't allowed to go to any of our classes," said Legg.

Marschhausen declined to speak on camera but did suggest that the district should have done a better job communicating with parents about its position in an effort to avoid the confrontation with students.

In a written statement Marschhausen said:

"We are committed to providing an appropriate educational environment while respecting the students' freedom of expression. The district will be reviewing the dress code policies and procedures that led to this event and will provide more defined expectations in the near future."

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