Wilder police chief enters not guilty plea to DUI charge

NEWPORT, Ky. - The Wilder, Ky., police chief told a judge Thursday he is not guilty of the DUI charge he was arrested for earlier this month.

Alexandria police arrested Wilder Police Chief Anthony Rouse on March 1 for driving under the influence of alcohol.

In court Thursday, Rouse entered a plea of not guilty to the DUI charge. While in court, the special prosecutor, Garry Edmondson, said Rouse violated his conditions of a pre-trial release from jail by allegedly driving a vehicle after drinking in a bar.

Rouse said he was unaware of the conditions surrounding his pre-trial release. Rouse surrendered his driver's license to the court.

The Judge took the new information from Edmondson under advisement, but did not make any changes to Rouse's release conditions.

Rouse has been suspended without pay until the outcome of the trial. A date has not yet been set for Rouse's next court appearance.

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