Wilder police chief arrested for DUI

WILDER, Ky. - Alexandria police arrested the Wilder, Ky., police chief Thursday night for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

The officer followed a vehicle driven by Wilder Police Chief Tony Rouse to Rouse's home around 7:30 p.m. on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Alexandria's Uniform Citation states that the officer responded to a complaint of a possible DUI on southbound US 27 from KY9.  The officer got behind the vehicle  and followed it to Rouse's residence in Alexandria.

The officer made contact with Rouse as he exited the vehicle in his driveway.  The officer says Rouse was unsteady on his feet with an obvious strong odor of alcohol.  Rouse is alleged to have said, "Do what you gotta do, you got me."

The citation states that Rouse refused all tests, including the Intoxilyzer.  Rouse, according to the police narrative, was argumentative with police and in the opinion of the officer under the influence of alcohol.

Rouse was arrested and charged with first degree Agravated-Driving Under the Influence and was booked into the Campbell County Detention Center Thursday night.

After a WCPO open records request, the Campbell County Detention Center released a detailed narrative of Rouse's time in custody.

While being lodged as a new intake Deputy T. Bonar asked inmate Rouse if he had anything in his pockets that would poke or stick him.  Rouse allegedly said, "Yeah my (expletive deleted) and it's going to poke you in the (expletive deleted)."

Officials at the detention center say Rouse was indignant during the pat down process.  Making statements such as, "I've been a cop for 28 years, I know the process." In addition he's alleged to have said, "I want respect."

After he was placed into a cell the report says Rouse began banging on the door demanded to be released and said he would sue everyone.

Jail officials say that Rouse pulled away from deputies when being escorted to speak to a court official.  Bonar stated, "When we were exiting the door of cell P15 inmate Rouse began to jerk away from me.  I instructed him to cease his actions and he continued to pull away from me.  I then put his left hand behind his back and placed him against the wall outside of the cell door.  SERT Commander B. Ripperda and Deputy D. Heiert then assisted with placing hand restraints onto him."

After Rouse allegedly did not cooperate with the pre-trial court official he was placed back in a cell.  A decision was then made to relocate Rouse to another cell.  Deputies instructed Rouse to put his hands through the food chute in the door so they could put restraints on him.  Rouse did not comply and cursed at the deputy.

After six requests for Rouse to put his hands through the food chute he was informed by SERT Commander Ripperda that he would be contaminated with OC Spray if he continued to disobey.  The report states that Rouse still refused to comply so Ripperda contaminated the cell with a two second burst of MK-9 Fogger.  After roughly five minutes Rouse became compliant. 

Rouse was bailed out by Keith Harker of Florence.  As he left the detention center Bonar states that Rouse screamed profanities at him and stated, "I'm a cop, you have no power out here" as well as, "Come out here and see what happens!"

Harker pushed Rouse into the car and as the car passed the facility Harker allegedly rolled down the driver's side door window so Rouse could scream, "(expletive) you!"

9 News knocked on Rouse's door in Florence this afternoon but no one was home.

Alexandria police have not released any additional details about Rouse's arrest and tell 9 News the County Attorney is handling the case.

So far, our requests to Campbell County Attorney Steve Franzen for comment have gone unanswered.  Legal experts anticipate that Franzen and Campbell County's judges will recuse themselves from the case because they know Rouse personally.

9 News spoke with the Commonwealth's Attorney but she would not comment on the case.

Rouse will be arraigned on March 22 at 9 a.m.

Stay with 9 News and KyPost.com for updates as they become available.

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