What to do with a burnt Jesus statue

MONROE, Ohio - If you've been in a public place over the last 24 hours, you'veprobably heard the words Jesus, touchdown, butter, lightning andfire in the same sentence a lot.

In case you have stayed at home without any connection to theoutside world, the six-story statue of Jesus at the Solid RockChurch in Monroe was struck by lightning late Monday night andsubsequently was destroyed after it engulfed in flames.

The question on everyone's mind is what's next for TouchdownJesus?

This is not intended to be a religious debate, just a fewsuggestions on what the fate of the King of Kings statue shouldbe.

Should they rebuild it? Or let the memory of Big Butter Jesus goout in flames?

The statue was a $250,000 investment when it was built in 2004.The damage estimated as a result of the fire to both theamphitheater and the statue was listed at around $700,000. The cashrequired to rebuild it would be a very large amount and would becovered by the Solid Rock Church insurance policy.

But the statue represents faith for thousands who have attendedthe Solid Rock Church and even to those who have just driven by, itreminds them of their beliefs with a renewed sense of wonder. Thestatue was a national landmark, a conversation piece and a symbolof achievement.

Maybe the church should be practical and invest the would-bestatue money into the church, expanding its facilities to offermore for its patrons. Perhaps the money could go to the community,invested in education or infrastructure.

If Jesus does not rise again, then what becomes of the SolidRock Church? Just another place of worship that loses its priorprominence? Does it show a sign of the parish giving up on theirfaith?

Or is all this just too much ado about a Jesus statue?

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