What is the Ten Years Later project?

CINCINNATI - 9 News felt that at a time such as this - 10 years removed fromsuch a dark moment in our past - it is our responsibility to stepback and reflect on where we are as a city. We intend to listen towhat the community as a whole is saying, engage in moreconversations and inspire action to help shape the best future forCincinnati.

With "10 Years Later: A Changed City?", 9 News asks where we areas a city, as a community, and as individuals ten years after theunrest in April of 2001. We ask the question as it relates topublic safety, education, economic development, health, prosperityand jobs for all people.

This in-depth, television and internet project will unfold overthe next 30 days in our nightly 6 o'clock newscast, here on ourwebsite, on Facebook and Twitter. We hope you will join theconversation. Our role will be to ask the questions and encouragethe conversation, allowing our viewers and citizens of Cincinnatithe opportunity for your voices to be heard.

Ten Years Later/Special section: A changed city?
• Ten Years Later: A changed city?
• What is the Ten Years Later project?
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Executive Producer Carole Rawlins collaborated with the 9 NewsTeam to develop and manage the stories that will run from March 7through April 7, 2011. Carole brings over 15 years of journalisticexperience to the 9 News team and this special project. The 30stories in 30 days will run in themed weeks, with an in-depth focuson specific subjects ranging from Policing to Quality of Life,Education, Jobs and the Economy culminating in an hour-longdocumentary that will further engage residents on the topic of howfar we've come as a city and what we're doing to shape ourfuture.

Brandi Smith joined 9 News to produce the documentary that willair on April 7. She comes to the team with over 10 years oftelevision and film production and four years of marketingexperience. The documentary features many familiar faces from ourpublic and private sectors, community activists, religious leadersand perhaps some unfamiliar faces of concerned citizens who alsohave a stake in the city's vitality and sustainability. Brandi'sintent with the documentary is to briefly reflect on the past, inorder to understand the complexity and context of the progressthat's been made over the past ten years and discuss currentopportunities facing the city.

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