What are local police "Taser policies?"

CINCINNATI - UPDATE:  The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office reports it updated its taser policy March 24, 2010 in a Special Order, which states:

"TASER International has updated their preferred target areas.  They now recommend that, when possible, officers aim lower-center of mass for front shots.  The procedure has been revised to make officers aware when deploying a cartridge from the TASER X26.  It should never be aimed at the subject's head, neck, eyes, or genitals.  When possible, the preferred target area is the back and lower-center of mass for front shots.

Officers with knowledge that a subject has an implanted device called a Vagal Nerve Stimulator will avoid the use of the TASER as a force option."


The Taser Safety Project of North Carolina, a coalition of groups concerned about the growing number of deaths associated with Taser usage by law enforcement agencies, released a report outlining its recommended guidelines for police policies on Tasers.

9 News searched the "Use of Force" sections of the Cincinnati Police and Hamilton County Sheriff's Office's policies and procedures to see what those agencies' state about Tasers.

Click on the video for this report as Channel 9 continues its investigation of Taser safety following the recent death of an 18-year-old student on the University of Cincinnati's campus, who died after campus police used a Taser on him.


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