Wedding reception venue flooded

What happened to a Local Bride before her Big Day

COVINGTON, Ky. - Heavy rain last month flooded homes and businesses and nearly ruined the most important day of one woman's life.

When Holly Singer got the news that Lake Lyndsey in Hamilton was completely under water, she panicked.  She only had two weeks to find a new wedding reception venue and she didn't know where to begin.

"We went up there and took a look at the water and the situation," Holly said. "We talked to them about what our hopes were for the water basically the only way that it was going to go away is if it evaporated a lot, it was about 3 feet of water."

The heavy rain from last month caused this situation at Lake Lyndsey in Hamilton, and immediately, Singer and her family started looking.

"We kind of stumbled into something that was unbelievably lucky."

Holly's mother-in-law started searching websites for any openings. She came across the Drees Pavilion website and saw there was a cancellation.

"You're talking from two days from possibly having a reception almost needing a boat to just a beautiful place like this," said Denny Singer.

There was a concern of how to pay for the new venue. Singer said luckily Lake Lyndsey refunded the entire price for the reception.

Just when things couldn't look better, due to the cancellation at Drees Pavilion at the last minute, the Singers also received a discount on the entire reception.

"Things do work out in the end, there's a little bit of stress and panic that sort of happens, but things do work out," said Holly.

Remember, if you're planning an outdoor wedding ask what the venue's backup plan is in the case of weather or another disaster.

No matter what kind of wedding you're planning never pay for everything up front. Put down a deposit ahead of time and pay for the rest after the wedding.

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