VIDEO: Addyston police officer's arrest questioned after report conflicts with footage

CINCINNATI - Video of an arrest made during a traffic stop in Addyston has been called into question on whether the force used to make the arrest was necessary.

The video from an Addyston police cruiser shows Addyston Police Officer Jeremie Keene pulling Tiffany Becker from her vehicle, taking her to the ground and cuffing her.

The incident occurred Friday, Feb. 10 on First Street.

Becker did not come to a complete stop in her van before turning right at the intersection of Dining and Main streets, so officer Keene began to follow her, eventually turning on his lights and pulling her over.

Her boyfriend and 4-year-old daughter were inside the van with her when the officer seemingly forced her to the ground from the vehicle and arrested her, all the while her daughter screamed in the back of the van.

In the arrest report (Read the arrest report at , the officer says Becker was "spitting at the arresting officer" and that she refused to hand over her license and get out of the van, so Becker "had to be forcibly removed from the vehicle."

The report also says that while he was taking her out of the van, she "pushed the arresting officer" and that's when he took her to the ground.

But the video of the arrest obtained by 9 News appears to conflict with parts of the report.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office asked that the charges against Becker, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, be dropped, which they were on Friday, March 8.

The prosecutor's office is now looking at whether or not to pursue assault charges against Officer Keene.  Joe Deters, Hamilton County Prosecutor, says he will know sometime the week of March 18th if he will ask for a special prosecutor in the case to pursue assault charges.

The Addyston Police Chief Thomas Vonluerte had no comment on this issue. He says he has seen the video and is planning to talk to his solicitor. We've requested Officer Keene's personnel file, but the chief tells us there are no other complaints in his file.

As for Becker, she also did not have any comment.

We called a number for Officer Keene, but did not receive a call back.

If the prosecutor decides to pursue charges against Officer Keene, he will have to use a special prosecutor because Becker's mother works as support staff in the prosecutor's office.

What do you think of the arrest? Watch the video in the player above and join the conversation in the comments section below. (Note to tablet and mobile users, go to a browser version of to watch the video).

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