The Royals at Hogwarts and 'Warren Buffett is in the house,' in your digital week in review

CINCINNATI - From AOL to a bad banana and new power player on Twitter, we recap the movers and shakers in the digital world this week.

AOL Music shuts down, employees live-Tweet getting fired

What's worse than losing AOL music? Losing your job. And the Twitterverse got a front-row seat to the show, thanks to some employees who live-Tweeted their pink slip sessions with HR. Let me repeat that: they live-Tweeted getting fired.

Bananas and Xboxes and Buybacks, Oh My!

It's the classic story: guy is bored; guy goes to amusement park; guy sets his sights on an Xbox Kinect, refuses to quit playing the carnival game until he wins, and loses his $2,600. The kicker: Guy goes home with a stuffed banana sporting dreadlocks and a beanie.

This story is completely--and unfortunately--true. Now, the popular comedy site College Humor wants to help out the poor soul who has but a banana to his name. If their new Facebook campaign can get 26,000 "likes," they'll give the $2,600 back to Henry Gribbohm. If they get 30,000 "likes," they'll even toss in the Xbox he so desperately wanted.

Warren Buffett Tweets

Welcome to Twitter, Warren Buffett! The Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway appeared in the Twitterverse Thursday, May 2 with five simple words: "Warren is in the house."

And with that, everyone in America instantly regretted their very first Tweet: "So I guess I'm on Twitter now...."

Local student is Doodle 4 Google finalist

Meet Clynn Yeoh, the Kings Junior High Schooler who's making a big name for herself in the Doodle 4 Goodle world. Yeoh is one of 50 students across the country who won the first round of the contest, which had participants "doodle" their best day ever. Yeoh's best day? "It's my first time I came to the United States…It's kind of like my dream come true."

Viral Pic of the Week

Drumroll, please. Okay, it's more like a series of pictures. But they've got "epic" written all over them, so enjoy!

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