The Little Clinic responds to spike in flu cases in Tri-State by ordering more vaccine

FORT MITCHELL, Ky. - The Little Clinic in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati has ordered more of the flu vaccine in response to a recent spike in flu cases seen in the Tri-State.

"Following the holiday, there has been an influx of people suffering from the flu and as people recognize the severity of the illness they are requesting the flu vaccine," said Sandra Menkedick, Regional Clinical Director for The Little Clinic.

The Little Clinic has 15 clinics located across Greater Cincinnati. They have staff available on weekends and evenings to administer flu shots, which cost about $25.

"Your best protection for the flu season is the flu vaccine. It takes about two weeks to reach peak immunity. So we are still early enough in the flu season that this can benefit you," Menkedick said. "It's also important to stay well rested and hydrated."  

The Center for Disease Control reported a high number of flu cases in 29 states including Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The flu vaccine will protect against three strains of flu.

"While the flu shot is not 100 percent proof, if you should succumb to the flu you will have less severity of symptoms and less days of illness," Menkedick said.


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