Tenacious search nets Dulle wedding ring

TURTLECREEK TWP., Ohio - On the morning of  Thursday, May 12,  Warren County Officers began searching for the small item that would make a huge impact on the grieving wife of Sgt. Brian Dulle.

Several officers set up crime tape around the field where Dulle had been killed and began to organize the search for Dulle's wedding ring. Warren County Sheriff's Deputies wanted to give Abbey Dulle at least that much.

The officers assigned grids, fanned out along the field and began the search. They scoured the large area for hours, looking through nearly every blade of grass with hand held metal detectors. Still, the ring did not turn up.

It seemed Abbey Dulle would not see her husband's ring again, until a couple took it upon themselves to continue the search.

These citizens went back to that field, armed with their own metal detectors, and started the painstaking process all over.

They searched that field for days to find Sgt. Dulle's wedding ring, turning up everything from parts of the car wreck to bottle caps. Then, the metal detector made the sound it had made many times before, but this time the couple could celebrate. They had found it.

The day of Sgt. Brian Dulle's funeral, the citizens that spent days out in that field, were able to give Abbey Dulle that treasured memento that seemed like it would be lost forever. She could once again hold her husband's ring in her hand. It was one small token symbolizing years of memories together.

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