Getting social: Tri-staters go offline to meet about social media in real life (IRL)

CINCINNATI - Sometimes the online world meets offline, or IRL (in real life).

In Cincinnati, there’s an opportunity for new connections among people who already feel like old friends, thanks to social media.

Social Media Day-Cincinnati Style will unite Tri-State tweeters, Yelpers, Instagrammers and Facebook friends on Sunday, June 30 from 2-4 p.m. at The Pub in Rookwood.

“We are really, really lucky that we have such a strong social media community. Cincinnati does have a great core of social media people,” said Debba Haupert, organizer of the event and founder of the popular Girlfriendology blog.

It’s the third year for the event, which was first organized when Mashable named Cincinnati one of the top three most social cities in the country.

“It’s so funny, it’s really a geeky, welcoming crowd,” Haupert said. “We are doing Pinterest, we are Instagramming, talking about apps.”

Social media fiends don’t have to worry about being judged for their usage, either.

“You’re welcome to have your phone out,” Haupert promised.

In fact, attendees are encouraged to, because during the event the group will discuss favorite apps and social media networks.

“Its just kind of an open happy hour,” Haupert explained. “A love of social media, that’s our common bond.”

The event is open to anyone in the Tri-State with an interest in social media.

“Sometimes you have to take online offline,” Haupert said. “And face-to-face meet people. It’s like 'Oh, now I get your humor on Twitter.'”


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