Disabled Ohio teen girl tricked by 40-year-old man pretending to be Justin Bieber

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio - An Ohio mother said her disabled daughter was tricked by an online predator who pretended to be Justin Bieber.

Jeannie Tomlinson said her 17-year-old daughter is a cancer survivor, has a learning disability and has had a hip replacement.

Tomlinson said she became concerned when her daughter told her she had been texting with Bieber.  Her maternal suspicions grew once she looked at the messages on her phone.

"The (text messages) were starting to get sexually explicit, asking her 'what would be her wildest dreams if we were alone,'" Tomlinson said.

She tracked the text messages to the number of a 40-year-old man in Texas who had been previously charged with a child crime.

The teen's family said they want to warn others to be on the lookout for online predators and to never trust something too good to be true.

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