Ohio prosecutor Aaron Brockler fired for Facebook ruse

CLEVELAND (AP) - A northeast Ohio prosecutor has been fired after he admitted posing as a woman on Facebook to chat with witnesses in a murder investigation.

But Aaron Brockler, a former assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor, says he didn't do anything wrong and shouldn't have been fired. He told The Cleveland Plain Dealer that law enforcement has often engaged in ruses to get information from people.

County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty fired Brockler this week, saying his behavior was unethical.

The newspaper says Brockler posed as a woman on the social networking site to chat with an accused killer's alibi witnesses in an attempt to persuade them to change their testimony.

He was the lead prosecutor on the case of a man charged in a 2012 fatal shooting in Cleveland.

To read the full Plain Dealer story, go to http://bit.ly/1bbVzoo.

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