Ohio nonprofit's video targets Governor John Kasich's drilling tax

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A conservative nonprofit has launched an online video series opposing Republican Gov. John Kasich's  proposed tax hike on oil and gas production.

Opportunity Ohio's three-day series began Tuesday, as state representatives are preparing changes to Kasich's $63.2 billion, two-year state budget. The effort proceeded despite indications the House won't include the plan in its version of the budget.

Tuesday's spot suggests that directing proceeds of a drilling-tax hike toward income-tax reductions, as Kasich proposes, is unfair to farmers. It features residents from Ohio's poor areas with "My Property, My Opportunity" signs.

Opportunity Ohio president Matt Mayer says the 9-month-old group believes in protecting Ohioans' property from unnecessary taxation.

Kasich argues Ohio's severance tax is lower than other states and proceeds from an increase can benefit the entire state's economy.

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