NE Ohio man to auction off windshield of bird droppings that show image of Jesus for charity

CLEVELAND - The northeast Ohio man who says bird droppings on his car windshield show the image of Christ will auction off the piece to raise money for his favorite charity.

The picture was taken by Jim Lawry in the driveway of his parents' Brooklyn home.

Lawry said the bird dropping left him surprised and amazed and he wanted to share.

The photograph has been seen around the world. Lawry says he's been contacted by organizations and people in Australia, Great Britain, Nigeria, Spain and Canada.

"A lot of skeptics too, people looking to make fun of or degrade my Christianity, or compare bird poop to religion," Lawry explained in an update email to Channel 9 sister station Newsnet5. "I have no idea why this happened, but it did. Every person who has seen the image for themselves can't believe it."

The attention sparked a plan in Lawry's mind: auction off the windshield and donate the money to his favorite charity: Make A Wish Foundation/Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

"I am blessed...It's been an incredible experience," Lawry added.

The Brooklyn man said the photos posted on the Internet don't compare to seeing it in person.

"That's what makes this even more amazing. In reality, it's only as big as a postage stamp. That's why the distorted view on the Internet picture and video," Lawry explained.

Lawry just wanted to share what he's been a part of and hopes the attention to the photo will help others in need.

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