Liberty Township Tea Party to join class action lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service

CINCINNATI - The Liberty Township Tea Party will join a class action lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service, claiming discrimination by the federal department.

The lawsuit is part of a growing controversy involving the IRS Cincinnati office targeting conservative groups by questioning their non-profit, 501 C3 status.

The Liberty Township Tea Party that formed in 2010 claims the organization was first targeted by the IRS in 2011 when the group received a list of what they claim to be "intrusive questions" that were followed up by a second set of questions  this year.

A sample of those questions sent to the organization include asking members to provide "details regarding all of your activities on Facebook and Twitter" and "if available, providing hard copies of all advertising you have conducted using social media," as shown on a copy of an IRS survey provided by the Liberty Township Tea Party.

Additionally, Liberty Township Tea Party board members stated in a release they have learned "the IRS divulged private information from some 30 conservative groups to a nonprofit liberal advocacy group."

LTTP board members believe our national government used tax agency bureaucrats to investigate people and groups because of their political beliefs and gave that private information to opposing groups, the  group added in a press release.

The Liberty Township Tea Party will be represented by the American Center for Law and Justice and a member of the Liberty Township Tea Party board will participate in hearings into the IRS's practices in Washington D.C. on Friday, May 17.

You can read an example of the extra questionnaire some tea party members were sent from the IRS seeking more information about trying to obtain 501 C3 status below or at




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