Emotional testimony from victims during second day of accused fake Akron veterinarian trial

AKRON, Ohio - There was emotional testimony during the second day of accused fake veterinarian Brandi Tomko's trial on Wednesday.

Pet owners described how their animals became sicker or died after being treated by the 36-year-old Wadsworth woman.

Kenny Reymann told the court about the morning he discovered his beloved dog, Charlie, was dead.

"He was on the ground. My other dog was whining next to him. Looking at him. I lifted up his paw. It dropped. Lifeless. He was gone," Reymann said.

Reymann said Charlie had recently been treated by Tomko at C&D Animal Hospital in Akron. He said he believes Tomko is responsible for Charlie's death.

Injured Persian Gulf veteran Robert McGee also testified in court Wednesday. He said his service dog, Allie, also died after receiving treatment from Tomko.

"She had had a really bad seizure and was vomiting and constant urine loss and she finally just down… And just went to sleep and never woke up," McGee said.

The trial is expected to wrap up on Thursday. Summit County Court of Common Pleas Judge Paul Gallagher will rule on the case. Tomko faces several charges, including injuring animals and fraud.

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