Cincinnati ranked on list of 'The 25 Most Hungover Cities In America'

CINCINNATI - New Year's Eve is a time for friends, fireworks and family. For many in Ohio, it also seems to be a time for bubbly. Lots of bubbly.

Business Insider looked at the Center for Disease Control's recent statistics on binge drinking and Trulia's list of cities with the most bars per capita. They then gave each city a score based on the two numbers.

Ohio leads all states with five cities ranked in the top 25.

Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Akron and our very own Cincinnati made the cut for cities with the "biggest hangovers."

Business Insider found the Midwest represented many of the ranked cities.

The list of The 25 Most Hungover Cities In America include:

25. Denver, Colo.
24. Portland, Ore.
23. El Paso, Texas
22. Philadelphia
21. Chicago
20. San Francisco
19. Austin, Texas
18. Columbus, Ohio
17. Boston, Mass.
16. Cincinnati
15. San Antonio
14. St. Louis
13. Providence, R.I.
12. Honolulu
11. Cleveland
10. Las Vegas
9. Springfield, Mass.
8. Worcester, Mass.
7. Toledo, Ohio
6. Akron, Ohio

5. Buffalo, N.Y.
4. Pittsburgh, Pa.
3. New Orleans
2. Milwaukee, Wis.
1. Omaha, Neb.

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