Snow days: Fun for kids, costly for parents

COVINGTON, Ky. - It's not hard to imagine Norman Rockwell setting up his easel in Devou Park in Covington on a snow day.

Most of the children in Northern Kentucky were exicted by the unexpected day off school Wednesday.

"I'm like, ‘yay! No school today!'" said 11-year-old Alexa Toephert.

A day off school worked out for 10-year-old Cody Crittenden.

"I forgot something, and I couldn't bring it to school," he said.

And what did he forget?


Cody promises his homework will be ready Thursday morning.

While snow days can be the "best thing ever" for kids, they can be an expensive proposition for parents.

Sam Taylor of Florence watched his two boys, 10-year-old Malichi and 8-year-old James, while they were out of school.

So far this winter, he's lost three days wages because of canceled classes.

"We can't afford day care right now," he said.

Snow days aren't just rough on his wallet. When the roads get dangerous, his employer needs him more than ever.

Taylor drives a tow truck for AAA.

Some parents are fortunate enough to navigate the maze of last-minute childcare by finding that rare facility that takes drop-ins.

"I'd have to call into work," said father Jim Wilson as he was picking up his two boys, Calib and Jordan. "And, of course, it would cost me money in doing so."

Most economic analysts say there is no accurate way to measure how much productivity is lost due to snow days.

But those who have to sacrifice a day's paycheck will tell you they're costly because every day not on the job has to be made up.

"It definitely puts a strain on everything," Taylor said.

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