Shillito's elves set to open at the Levee

NEWPORT, Ky. - A Cincinnati tradition is coming back to life this year. More than 100 Shillito's elves are refurbished and ready to be seen at Newport on the Levee.

Gone, of course, are the days when children could peer into the windows and see the animatronic elves at Shillito's at Seventh and Race streets.

"I remember as a child my mom would always bring me down for Christmas and that was one of the big things to see all of that and it cost nothing and that was the beauty of it because it cost nothing and we could not afford much," said Denise Cargile of Pleasant Ridge.

Bill Spinnenweber owns the elves now and through a fundraising campaign that raised more than $22,000 was able to give the elves some much needed restoration.

While the elves will be ready for a new generation of children to enjoy it won't be free anymore. An adult ticket will cost $7, but there are a number of online coupons that will help families save money.

9 News tried to get a sneak peak at the display Monday but was turned away.

A soft opening for the display is scheduled for this Friday.

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