Seflies, #RoyalBaby tweets, and Star Wars: Your digital week in review

CINCINNATI - From a phony Chipotle hack to the #RoyalBaby, the Internet was buzzing this week. See what else made headlines in this week's digital week in review:

The greatest Internet battle ever fought. If I haven't said it yet: I'm kind of a nerd. Not intense enough to dress in full, authentic garb, but intense enough to recite pretty much ever scene in "Lord of the Rings." I had a (fake) lightsaber growing up and still hum the Imperial March whenever I'm walking through an airport terminal. So naturally, the Internet battle between Star Wars and HBO's hit show "Game of Thrones" had my head spinning and my inner geek doing parkour.

Oh, (royal) baby! The social media sphere was abuzz this week with excitement over the birth of the new prince on July 22. While it may have seemed like the youngest royal's debut took over your social media platforms, in reality it came up short of two other major events from the past 12 months: the election of Pope Francis and the re-election of President Barack Obama. The Pope's election wracked up 132,000 Tweets per minute, while November's election set the all-time record of 237,000 Tweets per minute. The #RoyalBaby peaked at 25,300 Tweets per minute.

Vacation from…social media? It's summer, which means it's vacation season. So, while you're planning your next beach trip, backpacking adventure or cross-country road trip, consider taking a vacation from social media, too. A new study from found 50 percent of online users wanted to take a break from social media, citing irrelevant updates and lack of time.

A spicy scandal, courtesy of Chipotle. If you saw tweets from Chipotle's account on July 21 that only featured copy like "Twitter," "Twitter friends search bar," and "Do I have a Tweet?" you, like most of the Twitterverse, assumed Chipotle was the latest victim of an hacker. But stop the presses: on Thursday morning, the company announced it had faked being hacked to gain attention and followers. People love to see a Twitter account gone awry, and Chipotle sure spiced up people's feeds. Still, not everyone was amused.

Practicing safe selfies. in light of the recent Anthony Weiner admissions, we shared tips on how to keep your own smartphones "clean." Ohio actually ranks number eight on the list of top 10 states with the "cleanest" smartphones, but it's no secret that mobile devices have made "sexting" a lot easier. So be smart and avoid embarrassment or a damaged reputation!

Viral Pic of the Week. We've got Royal Baby fever around here! Check out baby pics, plus the new prince's first wave to the crowd outside St. Mary's Hospital when his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, introduced their bundle of joy to the world. A day old and already greeting the crowds like a master? This kid's going to do just fine.


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