Searchers find no new evidence after canvassing park for Paige Johnson

BATAVIA, Ohio - The search has wrapped up at East Fork State Park for missingteenager Paige Johnson of Florence.

Captain Teal Nally of Covington police said searchers covereddozens of miles but found nothing.

Nally said unless they receive new information they are donesearching the park.

"We didn't find anything that's leading us in the rightdirection today but its part of the investigation, part of thepuzzle we have to put together," said Nally. We needed to searchthis area and we got it done so we're just moving forward."

On Thursday morning, more than 70 searchers from 30 differentagencies returned to the Clermont County Park to continue theirsearch for Johnson.

The mother of a 2-year-old daughter has been missing sinceSeptember 23.

The search of East Fork State Park in Batavia got under way justafter 8 a.m.

The searchers are on foot as well as using all terrain vehiclesand horses since there is mixed terrain in the large park. They aresearching for any sign of the missing teenager.

"Yesterday I talked about some specific areas we covered. We hadsome left and we had to come back and check today," said Lt. Col.Spike Jones of Covington Police. "We weren't clear if we were ableto get to all of it in one day or not, but considerable ground wascovered and everyone gave 110 percent to get this done."

Covington police said she was last seen her friend 22-year-oldJacob Bumpass of Taylor Mill.

His cell phone records show he was in this area during the earlymorning hours, according to Covington police.

Bumpass is currently being held at the Kenton County Jail on aprobation violation.

He has not been charged in Johnson's disappearance.

Johnson's friends have organized a candlelight vigil for Fridaynight. It will be held at Paint Yourself Silly on Decoursey Pike inCovington from 7-10 p.m.

A non-profit organization is offering a reward for informationleading to Johnson's whereabouts.

TheNorthern Kentucky Youth Foundation is offering a $1,000 reward.

The Foundation is a community based organization servingchildren and families in Boone, Kenton And Campbell Counties.

If you have any information about where Paige Johnson might be,or might have been, please call The Covington Police Department at(859)292-2222.

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