Search for Paige Johnson turns to social networks

FLORENCE, Ky. - It's been more than six weeks since a Northern Kentucky motherwent missing and now police are taking a new approach to find17-year-old Paige Johnson.

Police now have search warrants for Paige's MySpace and Facebookaccounts. They hope her final online correspondence may provideclues as to what happened to her.

The Northern Kentucky Youth Foundation says it will give $1,000for information leading to the whereabouts of Paige.

Paige was last seen on the evening of Sept. 22.

Paige was supposed to be dropped off at her friend Brittany'shouse around 1 a.m. The teen, who is a mother to a 2-year-olddaughter, sent her sister a cryptic message on Facebook a half hourbefore.

"She Facebooked me and said, 'Girl, I need to talk to youimmediately.'"

Covington police say Paige was last seen with her friend,22-year-old Jacob Bumpass of Taylor Mill.

Bumpass' cell phone records show he was in the area during theearly morning hours, according to Covington police.

Bumpass is currently being held at the Kenton County Jail on aprobation violation.

He has not been charged in Johnson's disappearance.