Large scale search to take place for missing teen

COVINGTON, Ky. - The search will continue later this week for 17-year-old PaigeJohnson of Florence, who has been missing for almost one month.

Members of the Covington police SWAT team and other lawenforcement will head to East Fork Lake State Park in Batavia laterthis week to continue search for any sign of the missing teenager.That's where court documents show that area was where JacobBumpass, the man last seen with Johnson, was in during the hoursafter he picked her up from her Florence home.

On Sunday, the Boone County Water Rescue Team searched the lakebut found nothing.

Bumpass is in the Kenton County Jail in Covington on aprobation violation. Prior to Johnson's disappearance, Bumpassposted a picture of himself and Johnson on his MySpace page.

Police said Bumpass told them he dropped Johnson off at 15thStreet and Scott Boulevard in Covington on Sept. 22, the last timeJohnson was seen.

Bumpass has not been charged in connection with Johnson'sdisappearance.

Family and friends have noted that Johnson hasn't signed onto any social network websites that she regularly visited.

If you have any information about where Paige Johnson might be,or might have been, please call The Covington Police Department at(859)292-2222.

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