Wrong photo published in Neil Armstrong tribute in 'People' magazine

Magazine spread tributes wrong astronaut

CINCINNATI - A tribute to the late Neil Armstrong in "People" magazine's Sept. 10 issue has a major flaw —  the wrong astronaut is pictured.

One of the main photos in the two-page spread is captioned as Ohio native Neil Armstrong's 1969 moon walk, but the picture is actually from a later moon mission. The photo shows astronaut John Young during his trip to the moon on Apollo 16.

The photo from NASA and Time & Life Pictures shows Young on the moon on Jan. 1, 1972. Young was the ninth person to walk on the moon.

"John Young jumps off the ground and salutes for this superb tourist picture," according to NASA documents from the mission.

One of the major tip-offs that the featured photo is not Armstrong is that it shows a lunar rover. During Armstrong's mission there were no lunar rovers. In fact, lunar rovers weren't used in moon landings until 1971.

Neil Armstrong loved to take pictures during his space missions and, because of this, he was normally the photographer instead of the one being photographed, so there are few pictures of his moonwalks.

To view the NASA photo of John Young used in People, go to http:// www.hq.nasa.gov/ alsj/ a16/ AS16-113-18339.jpg. To see one of the few photos of Armstrong on the moon, click on the photos in the top lefthand corner.

"People" representatives have not yet released any comments about the photo flub.

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