U.S. Bank unveils new mobile app feature allowing customers take photos, pay bills

CINCINNATI - Take a photo, pay a bill. That's the promise U.S. Bank is making to its customers.

The banking giant announced Thursday that it was unveiling a new service called Mobile Photo BillPay to customers.

Company officials said the feature would allow customers to set up bill payments simply by taking a photo of their bills with a camera-enabled smartphone or tablet.

The feature would extract the relevant information from a paper bill and send that information to the right electronic fields to make a mobile payment.

The company claims the app would eliminate the need to manually input payment information.

According to a statement by U.S. Bank, 1 in 5 customers would use the feature.

"We continue to leverage the capabilities of smartphones, and use innovative ways of making banking more convenient for our customers," said Niti Badarinath, senior vice president and leader of U.S. Bank's mobile banking channel.

The company said it teamed up with the San Diego-based Mitek firm to create the feature.

U.S. Bank said the feature is available via its free mobile app.

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