Twitter quitters: 6 celebrities who gave up on tweeting

While actress Megan Fox is the latest person to quit Twitter, she isn't the first. A handful of others ditched the social networking scene because they didn't like it or did something "embarrassing."

There are whole load of Twitter quitters in Hollywood.

It's true Fox only lasted five days on Twitter before she had to come to terms with the truth: she hates social networking. We know this because she posted it on Facebook to her 33 million subscribers.

Fortunately, other famous Twitter quitters emotionally prepared us for Fox's departure.

There was Alec Baldwin, who quit not once, but twice. Why? First there was the embarrassing online tirade after allegedly punching a photographer and more recently he deactivated his account after getting the boot from an airplane for refusing to turn off his phone.

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Here are a few more celebrity Twitter quitters:

1) Chris Brown quit after getting in a beef with a lady journalist.
2) Sinead O'Connor removed herself after fans thought she was suicidal.
3) Ashton Kutcher quit when backlash over comments he made in support of football coach Joe Paterno reached a boiling point.
4) James Franco, who was great in "127 hours," but not so good in 140 characters. He quit after a beef involving his Oscar hosting. Maybe he felt...trapped?

But some quitters have returned to tweet again. Alec Baldwin came back. And John Mayer is also back to tweeting. Mayer quit in 2010, calling the medium the "slow erosion of the artistic notion."

So Fox, if history is any indication, you may be back on Twitter again -- one day.
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