Tired of ‘likes' on social media? Hater app unveiled at SXSW available for iPhone

CLEVELAND - Hate is now as easy as one touch.

That's thanks to a new app unveiled at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas Friday.

The Hater app describes itself as "an app that allows you to share the things you Hate." Click the thumbs down button and users can spread the hate from celebrities to traffic to their own annoying Facebook friends.

"There was a lack of a place to voice that point of view in social network world," Jake Banks, the app's CEO, told DigitalTrends.com .

Users can upload images of their own hated items or scroll through a feed of others' submissions, disliking as they go. Banks calls it "Instagram for everything you hate."

"Who really ‘likes' your ex's new significant other, friends who are always on vacation and especially what they are eating!" reads more of the app's description on its site.

So next time you see a photo of Justin Bieber that makes you sick (maybe one of him throwing up) or can't stand waiting in another long line at Starbucks, you can seek solace in shared discontent.

The free iOS app is currently available for download and an Android version is expected to launch in about the next two month.

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