Smartphone case works as a stun gun

Smartphones can help you with just about anything-- directions, music downloads, social networking, voice-based texting, etc... But did you know, a smartphone could potentially save your life?

A home invasion encouraged an inventor to create a smartphone case that works as both a charger and a stun gun.

It's called the Yellow Jacket, and it's advertised as the "first smartphone defense case." The Yellow Jacket website states:

"The case contains a 650K volt stun gun capable of taking down an attacker. Yellow Jacket also has its own external battery, capable of giving the smartphone up to 20 ADDITIONAL HOURS of standby BATTERY LIFE."

The stun gun smartphone case comes with a safety switch and a rotating electrode cap to prevent accidental discharge.

A promo for the device argues that the Yellow Jacket is perfect for everyone including high school and college-aged women, young male professionals, and middle-aged women.

The Yellow Jacket costs $100, but is it worth it? Could it pose more of a safety risk instead of a way to protect yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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