Sarah Jones is not 'a greedy nut job,' attorney Eric Deters says

Ex-cheerleader set for new trial

COVINGTON,Ky. - The attorney for former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones says he wants the media to stop portraying her "like she's a greedy nut job" as they prepare for a new trial against a gossip website next week.

Jones' lawsuit against gets a new trial Monday,  and Jones' attorney, Eric Deters, complained Wednesday that media reports that she is seeking $11 million in the case are wrong.

"To keep reporting she is, is false and it makes her look like she's a greedy nut job. She's not," Deters said in a release to local media.

Jones, 27,  sued the gossip website over two 2009 posts saying she had sex with every Bengals player and probably had two sexually transmitted diseases. Since then, the former Dixie Heights High School teacher was convicted of having sex with a 17-year-old student, lost her teaching job, and became engaged to the former student she had sex with, Cody York.

"Because she got an uncollectible default judgment for $11 million does not mean she is asking for this at trial," Deters said in his release. "In fact, we specifically asked the jury at her last trial for whatever the jury wanted to give her: $50,000 on up to whatever amount they thought would bankrupt the site, whatever they thought. We specifically told them we were not seeking $11 million as repeatedly reported."

Deters said he won't give post-trial interviews to the media that keeps reporting the $11 million figure.

The first trial of Jones' lawsuit ended in a hung jury in January.

Jurors were deadlocked 9-1 in favor of Jones regarding whether she was defamed. The one juror who disagreed reportedly said the fact that Jones had lied about having sex with York was a factor in the dissenting vote.

Federal Judge William Bertelsman set a new trial for July 8.  Jones is also suing the website operator, Nik Richie.  

"Can you believe it has been 40 months and I'm still dealing with this Sarah Jones person. Please read this renewed Motion for Summary Judgement drafted by my lawyer David Gingras. It doesn't get any clearer than this.

"Sarah, I will never pay you any money. I can promise you that.- nik"

Read's motion below or at


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