Road work to make way for new Jungle Jim's store in Union Township

CINCINNATI - While construction is in full swing for the new Jungle Jim's in Union Township, there's also a lot of road construction that needs to completed around the new store.

More than 220,000 square feet sitting on 40-plus acres, that's the size of the new store. That's also why officials say now is the time to make changes to the roads and surrounding areas.

The store is expected to employ 350 to 400 people when it opens sometime in June.

As you drive down Aicholtz road, you'll notice several changes including a wider road, less hills, and new turn lanes.

Union Township administrator Ken Geis says the changes had to be made. "With the acquisition of Jungle Jim's, we really need to provide multiple access points that are legitimate to that sight."

Geis says he's expecting the new Jungle Jim's to bring in 70,000 to 90,000 customers each week.

So what does Jungle Jim himself think about the roads being widened for his new store? "I think it's neat. It's a nice thing. I hope that you know, you always have to remember, don't count your chickens before they hatch," said Jim Bonaminio.

The cost of the road project is around $300,000. Add to that, the surrounding traffic lights will be on what's called an Intelligent Traffic System. This means sensors will allow a light to stay green longer if cars start to back up at an intersection. "That will show some dramatic positive impact for the shoppers and travelers," Geis said.

Bonaminio says the project will not be a let down for his store. As a matter of fact, it's going to be even bigger than the famous original Jungle Jim's.

Geis says the easier it is for customers to get in and out, the better for the entire township. "If we don't spend the money and we don't invest in ourselves than we're going to be lost."

Jungle Jim's isn't the only business that will benefit from the road improvements. Total Quality Logistics announced more than 500 new jobs are coming to the same area.

To see a sneak peak of the new store, click here or go to

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