Gamble House gets added historical designation

CINCINNATI - Tearing down or modifying Westwood’s historic Gamble Housewill be more difficult in the future, thanks to members ofCincinnati city council.

The vote was 8-0 Wednesday to approve a historic districtoverlay to include the Werk Road home of James Norris Gamble, a keyfigure in the growth of consumer products giant Procter &Gamble.

"The house suffers from water intrusion, neglect, but remainsrestorable," Westwood resident Greg Kissel testified prior to thevote.

The Cincinnati Preservation Association has offered to purchasethe house, but the terms and conditions remain unclear.

The Ohio Preservation Association has included it on their 2010list of the state’s most endangered properties.

"Designation averts immediate demolition. Designation isnecessary for listing on the National Register of Historic Places,"said Kissel. "I hope you agree that the James Norris Gamble Housematters."

Council member Jeff Berding, who grew up in Westwood, says henormally doesn’t vote for preservation projects.

However, he recalled walking by the Gamble estate as a youth andwants to save it.

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