Flash flood shocks property owners

Owner: This has never happened before

DENT, Ohio - Deanna Sulken purchased property on Wessleman Road in Dent, Ohio nearly a quarter of a century ago. It had everything she wanted: a level lot, room for kids to play, and creek babbling along the property line.

"We bought it because we loved the property. The Creek, the environment… everything," said Sulken.

She and her family welcomed all nature had to offer during their 23 years years, until last Friday. That is when an afternoon storm filled the creek, and it overran the property.

"Never ever has it ever happened before," explained Sulken.

Kaitlyn, Deanna's 15-year-old daughter was home alone at the time. She was surfing the web and chatting on Facebook when her step-dad came home.

"He said, 'We have to leave, because the house is flooding,' " recalled Kaitlyn. "I looked out the front door and the water was just coming like a river."

The water rushed through their property, pushing trees, rocks and other debris up against their mobile home, and took away the skirt to the building. The water crested just beneath the floor.

"The water went all the way up to our yard, about 200 feet," said Deanna as she motioned toward the front of her lot. "We had trees and stumps everywhere."

The family is glad everyone is alive and healthy, but now they wait hoping their insurance claim is approved.

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