Community Services West closing its doors

Clients will be served by CASS

A local business that provides food and other services for theelderly is closing its doors.

Fred Laub has been a driver for Community Services West fornearly eight years. He provides food and medical transportation forthe elderly.

Whether or not he has a future in the driver's seat isunknown.

CSW is closing its doors after seeing the writing on theeconomic wall last December. That's when they got word theirgovernment funding would be cut back.

The board decided to be proactive and turned to the much largerprogram, Cincinnati Senior Services, to take over theiroperation.

The entire staff of CSW is out of work as of August 15. Manyhope to go with their 500 clients to CASS.

Gwen Mooney is the board president of Community Services West.She sees the move as a more efficient way of serving theseniors.

"We started talking with Cincinnati Area Senior Services to tryto be proactive and work on a plan that makes sense," saidMooney.

Tracey Collins agrees. She is the Executive Director of CASS andis excited to enhance the services CSW has been providing.

Her organization serves over 2,500 seniors all over HamiltonCounty with more than just meals and transportation.

"We have specialization in working with creditors," she said."We can offer those services into western Hamilton County to thoseseniors. "

Both say they are working hard to prevent any glitches duringthe transfer of services.

Laub sees first hand how important that is. "There's a lot ofelderly out there that don't have nobody else," he said. "If theydidn't have us, I don't know what they'd do."

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