Alleged serial rapist Tony Pippin a suspect in other crimes

CINCINNATI - The upper middle class neighborhood where Ron and Karen Major live is within just a couple of miles from the bar where Tony Pippin allegedly stalked some of his alleged rape victims.

Police told the Majors recently that they were one of his victims, too. Police say they found a camera that was stolen from the Major's house back in November when they searched Pippin's home.

"One of the things [he] had taken was a camera," said Ron Major of the burglary at his White Oak home. "And I'm a packrat so I save everything. So I happened to still have the serial number for the camera. And that was one of the items they found in his home."

Major said on Nov. 21, the night of the burglary, he left the back door to his home unlocked. The next morning he noticed it was open, thinking the wind had blown it open.

Then he couldn't find his wallet, couldn't find his phone, and couldn't find his camera.

By the time Major called police, Pippin allegedly had already used the Major's credit card to buy gas and had attempted to withdraw money from an ATM.

But the Majors told 9 On Your Side they feel lucky knowing what they know now about the suspect, who police believe is a serial rapist.

"It was terrifying to think that he was in this house and that he would actually come in and might have come into the bedroom. We were terrified," said Karen Major.

The family thinks Pippin might have spent little time in the home because they have a dog, not that it matters, Ron said. The dog slept through the burglary.

Now locking the back door is much more of a priority, Karen Major said.

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