Tornado separates pets, owners

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. - The Grant County Animal Shelter (GCAS) has been taking in a number of animals displaced, because of the deadly tornado that ripped through Crittenden, Ky. and nearby places.

Currently, there are 10 cats and 14 dogs available for adoptions at the Barnes Rd. location in Williamstown, Ky.  When those animals are placed into home, the shelter will be able to accept more animals.

The director of the shelter, Marsha Chaney, said that the recent storm is a prime example of how important it is for owners to have microchips implanted into pets.

"It pays to chip, really it does," said Chaney.  "We automatically know who owns that pet.  We can go to that address or we can call them by phone, or email them.  It's a wonderful resource."

Chaney also explained how one owner and pet have already been reunited because the animal was chipped.

CLICK HERE if your pet or animal was lost during the storm and you believe it may be at the GCAS or you would like to adopt an available animal.

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